About Us

Who We Are

Compliance Mentorz is a commercial safety consulting company serving companies in Canada.

We support companies in identifying and managing the risks to their success and safety with focus on transportation and occupational health and safety

Our goal is to assist you to meet existing provincial, federal and international commercial safety regulations, through a combination of training, mentorship and services.

Compliance Mentorz brings years of experience in this industry. This experience, commitment to an individualized response which enables the development of your capacity along with our detailed industry knowledge, form the foundation of our business response.

Let us help you!

Compliance Mentorz offers a range of services targeting owners and operators of commercial entities with focus on occupational health and safety and transportation safety.

Our services cater to new and existing operators and includes safety and compliance training and support, drug testing and licensing.

Experts in various languages, we connect in-depth understanding of the industry with specific knowledge of our client's position to achieve significant value for your business.

We meet you where you are and are committed to delivering a hands-on approach to help our clients achieve and maintain an advantage.